JAVA The course is designed to impart knowledge and develop skills required to solve real world problems using object oriented approach, Java Language constructs and Unified Modelling Language. This course covers the subject in 3 sections, viz, Introductions to Object Oriented Programming, Introduction to Java Programming Language, Introduction to UML.

After completion of the course the student will be able to
• Basics of Object Oriented Programming.
• Various Object Oriented programming concepts - Abstraction, Objects and Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism.
• Basic data structures in Java, Objects and Classes , Super Class, sub-class, Interfaces, Inner classes.
• Deploying Java Applications.
• Using Class, Interface, Interaction.


1. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
2. OOP vs Structured Programming
3. Introduction to Java programming Language & JVM
4. Class, Object, Method.
5.Variables and Operators & Control Statements
7.Types of Classes and their implementations
8.Method Overloading
9.Exception handling
11.Static Variables and Methods
12.Introduction to packages