The course is designed to impart knowledge and develop skills required to solve real-world problems using an object-oriented approach, Java Language constructs, and Unified Modelling Language. This course covers the subject in 3 sections, viz, Introductions to Java, Java Object-Oriented Programming Language, On hand Project.

Uses of JAVA

According to Sun Microsystems, nearly 3 billion devices run Java.
Some of these devices are Android mobile phones, games, robotics, Web Application, in the banking sector, etc.

After completion of the course, the student will be able to

• Basic data structures in Java, Clear idea about Objects Oriented Programming
• Deploying Java Applications.
• Java is the basis for Learning Android and Hadoop
• Software Developer / UI Developer


1. Basics of JAVA
    Internals of Java Program
    Difference between JDK,JRE and JVM
    Internal Details of JVM
    Variable and Data Type
    Java Loop
    Java Array
2. Various Object Oriented programming concepts
    Objects and Classes
    Method Overloading
    Super keyword
    Static variable, method ,block
    this keyword
    Method Overriding & Runtime Polymorphism
    Final keyword
    Package and Access Modifiers
3. Java String Handling
    String : What and Why?
    Immutable String
    String Comparison, String Concatenation, Substring
    Methods of String class
    StringBuffer, String Builder class